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At the April 10,2018 Town Board meeting, the Board reviewed the information that was gathered by the first survey concerning providing public water.  They felt that there was enough interest to warrant proceeding with the first step in a water project. You may have seen the new addition to our Town on Peoria Rd. The […]

Town Information

The Town of Covington has a scholarship for 1 week at the 4 H camp this summer.  Anyone interested contact Jerry Davis at 585-584-3162 or javis85@hotmail.com   The Town of Covington, contracts with Wyoming County Real Property as our Town Assessor.  The tentative 2017 property tax roll is out and is available on the Wyoming […]

Town Historian

Historian’s June 2018 Newsletter Revolutionary War Veteran in Pearl Creek Cemetery   A search of the burial records from the Pearl Creek Cemetery revealed the internment of Stephen Wilkinson, a veteran of the American Revolution. Stephen was one of Covington’s earliest settlers. Stephen was born January 29, 1755 in Providence, Rhode Island. His parents were […]