Program Highlights Include the Following:

• Weekly Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection

• Weekly limit of five (5) bags or resident provided cans of trash

• Weekly collection of recyclable material

• Weekly collection of 1 bulk item


Effective March 1st, 2021, the Town of Covington is pleased to provide curbside trash and recycling service to the residents of Covington. This serviced is contracted through Waste Management.


You will be allowed to place up to five (5) trash bags or trash cans out for collection each week. Each trash item cannot exceed sixty (60) pounds. Trash cans cannot be larger than a standard 30-gallon container. Hazardous waste, appliances with refrigerant (unless professionally removed and labeled) and electronic waste will not be collected through this program.

Your recyclables should be separated from your trash and placed in a container that is clearly defined as recyclable. Recyclables cannot be bagged and should be loose in the container. Please break down and flatten any cardboard to sizes not to exceed 3 foot by 3 foot. Please review the list of acceptable recyclable material.

One bulk item will be collected each week in addition to your trash. Bulk items are larger items such as furniture and appliances (without refrigerant). Please refer to the additional guidelines provided with bulk items.

Trash Set-out Limits

All trash must be containerized in a bag or garbage can. Trash cart must be placed within 2 feet of the street/curb line by 6:00am of your collection day. Any items beyond the five (5) item limit will not be collected.

Recycling Guidelines

Please place all your acceptable recyclable material in your container for collection. Please use an 18- gallon recycling container, or container of similar size. Only clean material that is listed as acceptable will be collected as recyclable. Cardboard needs to be broken down and flattened in sizes no larger than 3 foot by 3 foot. All Styrofoam and packaging material is required to be removed and placed in with your trash.

For Customer Service, please call Waste Management at (800) 972-4545

Bulky Waste and White Goods (Appliances)

Waste Management will collect one bulk item each week. Refrigerators and freezers must have doors removed.

• Carpeting must be rolled in lengths of 4 feet or less, taped securely, and no wider than 18 inches.

• Large items must be of size that can easily be handled by two employees.

• Additional acceptable items include small furniture, bedding and mattresses, hot water tanks, and appliances.

• Bulk item collection does NOT include additional regular trash bags, microwaves, air conditioners, and regulated material covered by the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, such as televisions and computers.

Unacceptable Waste

Unacceptable waste includes, but is not limited to, dead animals, explosive and flammable materials, compressed gas cylinders, aerosol cans, motor oils, regulated and non-regulated hazardous, asbestos, paints, acids, pesticides, antifreeze, pathological, medical, infectious, construction, remodeling, and septic waste, sludge, junk automobiles, recreational vehicles (ATV’s). TIRES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Recognized Holidays that Affect Collection

Waste Management observes the following holidays. If a Holiday falls on your service day or later in that week, your collection, and the remainder of the week’s collection will be delayed one day.

New Year Day              Thanksgiving Day               Memorial Day

Independence Day             Christmas Day              Labor Day

We need the right things to end up in your recycling to make a difference.

So the next time you put something in your recycling, follow these three rules:

Recycle all empty plastic bottles, cans and paper.

Keep plastic bags out of the recycling bin.


For more information, visit







THE COVINGTON TOWN BOARD has been discussing refuse pickup in our Town.  We realize that there are several options available to the residents.  We know that a lot of residents use the Facilities in Pavilion.  Recently there have been issues with the Pavilion Refuse/Recycle facilities.


At the November 10, 2020 Board meeting Don Roberts from Wyoming County Curbside Pickup Program presented the Wyoming County Program to the Board and attendees.   After the presentation, there was a public hearing and discussion on joining the County program.  After the Public Hearing was closed, the town Board voted 4 to 1, to join the County program.


The is a cost for the County Curbside Pickup will be itemized on the 2021 County Taxes.  The cost for the County Curbside Pickup will be itemized on the 2021 residential tax bill.  The annual Fee will be $258.28 for 2021.  The Town of Covington WILL NOT BE STARTING THE COUNTY PICKUP UNTIL MARCH 1, 2021.  The fee for the 2021 year will be prorated to  $215.28.  The reason is that the County was finalizing the bid process for a new contract  beginning in 2021 and the County had to give Waste Management sufficient time get equipment and schedule a pickup day,


As information becomes available it will be made available on the Town’s Facebook and Website.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact any the Town Board Members.

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  1. Jamie M Pike
    Jamie M Pike says:

    I would love to see public water come to Silver Lake Road. Many residential homes have to haul water due to wells during our. And the water quality from most wells is poor and residents have to but water for cooking and drinking.

  2. Stephen Lay
    Stephen Lay says:

    We agree with Jamie Pike that making municipal water available for all Covington taxpayers who live on Silver Lake Road is of utmost importance. We are well aware of neighbors who have been unable to sell their properties because of the well known water difficulties here and are forced to truck water for their daily needs. It is extremely unfair to add an additional tax burden on Silver Lake Road residents in order to benefit a few residents and some large businesses who are already receiving numerous tax cuts and benefits that the rest of us pay for.

      JERRY DAVIS says:

      Steve, The only people that pay for a water district are the people who live in the district so there will be no tax burden on the people who live on Silver Lake road. We have looked at providing water to Silver Lake road but it’s too expensive to bring it in from Perry Center. We are hoping that with this new water district that we will be able to expand it to possible include Silver Lake road.

  3. Gail Spann
    Gail Spann says:

    I would like to see public water down on Crossman Road. I believe there is already a waterline to the county border. A number of new wells had to be drilled on Crossman and Wyoming Rd within the past 2 years.


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