There will be an informational meeting for the proposed Covington Water District which encompasses the following roads.

State Route 63

State Route 246 from Rt 63 to Old State Rd.

Peoria Road

Boyd Road

Court Road

Dow Road

Wallace Road

Clark Patterson & Lee Engineers and Wyoming County Water Resource Agency along with the Covington Water steering Committee will be present to answer questions.





At the April 10,2018 Town Board meeting, the Board reviewed the information that was gathered by the first survey concerning providing public water.  They felt that there was enough interest to warrant proceeding with the first step in a water project.

You may have seen the new addition to our Town on Peoria Rd. The new 500,000-gallon water tank. The tank is going to support the new Craig Station Creamery at Noblehurst Farms.

The Town Board is working with the Town of York on the project to bring water into Covington. Part of the agreement between the Towns is a guarantee of 50,000 gallons of water per day to help us establish water districts on the eastern areas of Covington. With this addition the Wyoming County Water Resource Agency has moved Covington to the head of the list to bring quality water to our residents.

Stay tuned for an exciting new year for our Town.

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  1. Jamie M Pike
    Jamie M Pike says:

    I would love to see public water come to Silver Lake Road. Many residential homes have to haul water due to wells during our. And the water quality from most wells is poor and residents have to but water for cooking and drinking.

  2. Stephen Lay
    Stephen Lay says:

    We agree with Jamie Pike that making municipal water available for all Covington taxpayers who live on Silver Lake Road is of utmost importance. We are well aware of neighbors who have been unable to sell their properties because of the well known water difficulties here and are forced to truck water for their daily needs. It is extremely unfair to add an additional tax burden on Silver Lake Road residents in order to benefit a few residents and some large businesses who are already receiving numerous tax cuts and benefits that the rest of us pay for.

  3. Gail Spann
    Gail Spann says:

    I would like to see public water down on Crossman Road. I believe there is already a waterline to the county border. A number of new wells had to be drilled on Crossman and Wyoming Rd within the past 2 years.


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